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  • d
    We 100% recommend Carrie for all housing needs! She knows the Austin and surrounding areas so well and is extremely motivated and determined to find a home that checks all your boxes. She didn’t waste any time with houses that she knew we would like and was able to interpret our wants/needs and make them a reality. She has a keen eye for possible problems in properties and will be very forthcoming if she sees any issues. She has an impressive list of contacts and resources. All of her recommendations have been wonderful. She will make sure you are taken care of during the negotiation process and won’t let you be taken advantage of. She also took into account our upcoming delivery date for our baby and was able to get the closing date pushed back so we wouldn’t be overwhelmed!
    We honestly couldn’t think more highly of her!
    Jan 05, 2021
  • J
    Jami Sanborn
    Carrie was exactly what we were looking for! We were interested in buying a house but we weren't in a big hurry. She really let us pace ourselves when we were looking for houses and she didn't constantly send us houses to look over. While we were looking at properties, Carrie really helped us visualize what life would be like if we were to live in each house. As first time home buyers, we really didn't know what we were getting in to but Carrie was very patient and explained everything perfectly! We could not have asked for better!
    Oct 05, 2020
  • k
    Carrie made our long distance buying experience a breeze! She's very knowledgeable about the area and knows how to get the answers you need. She went out of her way to send us photos and videos of our new home as it was being built and stayed on top of all the details! She has a great personality and always has a smile on her face!
    Jul 21, 2020
  • z
    Carrie was amazing to work with. We felt that she cared about us and our needs as opposed to just selling us a house to increase her numbers. We had the added challenge of trying to buy during the height (so far) of the Covid19 pandemic. She was very responsive with getting us to be able to view houses and comp data. Once we found a house that we wanted to make an offer on, just gave us great advice and helped us work though getting our offer accepted. Carrie offered us recommendations on various inspectors to call during our option period and advised. She advised us through the negotiation process and helped us get more concessions then we thought we would be able to get. She advised us to go with a local lender as opposed to an online one which in the end, turned out to most likely allow us to close. About a week before we planned on closing, we received a call from Carrie that we may need to close the following day due to concerns regarding the seller’s health. The team she assembled for us actually made that happen painlessly, although we had to abide by a 3 day waiting period to do our part. I highly recommend Carrie. Next time we are in the real-estate market, Carrie will be our first choice without question.
    Jun 15, 2020
  • p
    Carrie is everything we could have asked for in a realtor. Carrie made the entire buying experience, from A to Z, a pleasant one. She was considerate of our wants and needs, attentive to our questions, honest in her responses, and an all-around great realtor.
    Mar 22, 2020

Carrie Beamer

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